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About Matt Ode

From Cancer to Coma, at the age of 24 Matt Ode was diagnosed with stage 3C Testicular cancer. After chemotherapy and a very complicated surgery to remove the remaining cancer from his body, Matt encountered various complications.

He was under the watch and care of the ICU for over 40 days and in the Cleveland Clinic for 53 days where he was met with a number of near-death experiences including 5 major surgeries causing a large open wound on his stomach. For two weeks, he laid non-responsive in a coma, met with complete kidney and liver failure, and went into cardiac arrest where nurses performed 8 minutes of CPR to bring him back to life.

Doctors discovered an 11-centimeter tumor in my small intestine diagnosing me with Stage 3 Testicular Cancer.

Doctors didn't know if and when he would awake, informing his family and girlfriend he would likely be on dialysis the rest of his life having to relearn everyday tasks like eating and walking again.

Prior to the diagnosis and subsequent treatment, Matt was a healthy personal trainer weighing in at 185 lb. But this disease wreaked havoc on his body and in a matter of 8 months he dwindled down to a mere 110 lbs.

12-hour surgery to remove the tumor, leading me into complete kidney and liver failure and a 2-week coma.

Years later after hard work and deep internal discovery, Matt Ode is as vibrant, enthusiastic, and energetic as ever helping individuals transform their mind, body and spirt, as a transformation coach and highly sought after Keynote Inspirational Speaker.

Allow your audience the privilege of hearing Matt's roller coaster of a story and be encouraged beyond measures. From resilience to heartbreak to the unbreakable bond with his girlfriend, Matt's story will inspire you and your entire audience.

I was in the ICU for over 40 days, in the Cleveland Clinic for 53, had 6 major surgeries in less than 3 months causing an open wound on my stomach for a full year, went into cardiac arrest, dwindled from 185 lbs to 110, and had to learn how to walk and relive my entire life again.

For event planners, activities directors, and leaders

We understand how busy the life of a planner or committee can be, which is why the booking process for Matt will be a seamless experience. If you are looking for a presenter who can grip the hearts of an audience while maintaining a clear path to actionable tasks, Matt is your speaker.

Matt's booking process is professional, prompt, and purposeful. Whatever your event goals are, Matt is highly collaborative and prepared to be as flexible as needed to help you achieve your goals.

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If you want your audience to be captivated, engaged from start to finish, moved to action, and encouraged to embrace their inner strength...look no further. There are many teachable moments in Matt’s presentation and event planners will appreciate the level of actionable principles embedded into the presentation. When your audience remembers Matt's speech, they'll be reminded of the hope in their lives, and will have you to thank.

What his clients are saying

Sutto Twins

Founder of The Glitter Twins; Master Networkers, IG Story Kings

"I didn't know Matt before he spoke at Social X and to hear his story and how he went through unforeseeable circumstances was extremely moving. Life is about being happy, positive, and living your best life, Matt touched all of these qualities. This speech really inspired us to go for what we believe in without any fear.”

Justin Caballero

Founder at Social X Events; Co-Founder at Total Property Solutions LLC

“We had Matt speak at one of our Social X events with over 100 people in Miami. He absolutely crushed it, deeply impacting and inspiring everyone by his story. I know Matt will be one of the next big guys in the motivational space.”

Chase Henderson

Host of The Young Healthy and Wealthy Podcast; Fitness Coach or Entrepreneurs and Executives

“Oh my God not only is Matt a killer speaker, Personal Trainer, and human being, he is a Stage 3 Testicular Cancer Survivor! There is so much in his story that is mind blowing to me and everyone who will listen.”

Fiorella Misenti

Co-founder of Luxella Chocolates; Motivational Coach

“Matt captivated us all with his unbelievable story, full of compassion, strength, humility and faith. After talking with him he is a true inspiration not just to me but everyone he surrounds himself with.”

Nick Updike

Founder of Reel Driven; Health and Wellness expert

“Matt's speech was one of the most moving, passionate stories I have ever heard. He was able to connect with the audience in a way I have never seen. From individuals crying, astonished and willing to open up their life stories to him”


“I didn't know Matt on a personal level before this event, but after hearing his story on how he fought hard with so much courage, he really gave me a lot of perspective. He made me realize how blessed and grateful I am for everything in my life. Thank you for leaving such a huge impression on my life and so many others”

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Send a message and one of our team members will be in contact with you shortly. We will work to accommodate your goals and objectives so that your event and booking experience is painless and professional. We will schedule a discovery call to hear your plans and support you along the way, before, during, and after your event. Look forward to connecting.